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Narrative [Selected Works]


Children of God [Feature/2022]

Director: Giò Crisafulli / Producer : Melissa Batista

Gynarchy [Digital Serie/2022]

Director and Producer: Kelli Sarri

The Family Meeting [Short/2022]

Director: Rebecca Usoro / Producer : Leo Blumberg-Woll & Ogechi Echebiri

Finalist in the HBO Short Film Award Showcase at American Black Film Festival 2022

Good Girls [Short/2022]

Director: Leach Welch /Producer: Leah Welch

Winner at the Balkan New Film Festival Stockholm

Two Dresses [Short/2022]

Director: Leah Welch / Producer: Katrina Kudlick

The Ride [ Short / 2021]

Director: Christina Jun / Producer: Amanda Hillsberg & Kimberly Truong


In The Light of the Moon [ Feature/ 2020]

Director: Leah Welsch / Producer: Dan Haff & RJ Tucker


Safe Bae [Short / 2021]

Director: Alle Hsu / Production: CBS Pipeline 


Little Mx. Sunshine [Short / 2019]

Director: Alessandro Nori / Producer: Seth Hauer

Official Selection at OUTFEST Los Angeles film festival


Arcana [Short / 2019]

Director: Winston Stemler / Producer: Winston Stemler 

Winner for Best Cinematography at the International Rome Film Festival 


Miranda’s Marionette’s [Short / 2018]

Director: Hortense Lingjaerde / Produce: Alex Rivers

Winner of Best Short Film Cinematography at the European Cinematography Awards

Official selection of the Prague International Indi Film Festival 

Official selection at LA Shorts International Film Festival


Parkway  [ Short / 2018]

Director: Ryan Vaughan / Producer: Gracie Corapi 

Official selection at LA SHORTS International Film Festival

Documentary [Selected Works]


InRealLife / Scripps News [2023]

Director: CaseyMendoza /Producer:AlexTravis

Unheard: The Ears of Meniere’s [2022]

Director: Janine McGoldrick / Production: 2nd Chapter Productions

Half Moon Bay Project / Discovery +  [2021-2022]

Director: Skye Borgman / Production: Imagine Documentaries


Murdered and Missing in Montana [2021]

Director : Skye Borgman / Production: Oxygen


SERIF [2021]

Director: Sade Clacken Joseph / Production: Out Of Many


Third Verse [2020]

Director: Sade Clacken Joseph / Production: Out of Many


Represent Justice [2020] 

Director: Sade Clacken Joseph / Production : Out of Many


7/8ths Of The Way There [2018]

Director: Marry Geretsen / Producer: Anthony Mangini and Gracie Corapi

Winner of Award of Excellence for Cinematography at the Southern Shorts Awards


NYXL / Unleashed  [2018] 

Director Daniel Lopez / Production: NYXL


Sounds Of CS: GO [2017]

Director: Daniel Lopez / Production : ESPORT

Commercial & Music Videos [Selected Works]


UGG Fall Winter 2021[2021]

Commercial / Dir. Chateaubriand Bezerra / Prod. UGG 


Your Vote, Your Voice[2020]

Music Video / Dir. Sade Clacken Joseph / Prod. Out of Many 


Badoo Pride Campaign [2020}

Commercial / Dir. River Gallo /  Prod. Out of Many


Sleepless / Jeshua [2019]

Music Video / Dir. Sade Clacken Joseph / Prod. Out of Many


Owe Me That / B. K. Habermehl [2019]

Music Video / Dir. Sade Clacken Joseph / Prod. Gaptoof


Inertia / Samora Pinderhughes

Music Video / Dir.Sade Clacken Joseph / Prod. Gaptoof


My Mutinity / Maison Margiela [2019]

Promo / Dir. River Gallo / Prod. Gaptoof 

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